Small Onyx Bowls

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Small Onyx Bowls


Small Onyx Bowls, 2 x 1 in. This is a type of Chalcedony that usually occurs as layers of variety of colors including black, black and white, red, red and white, orange brown, honey, and white. Metaphysical Beliefs are that it centers and aligns one with their higher power, banishes grief, enhances self control, stimulates wise decision making, encourages happiness and good fortune, heightens intuition and helps one to see the duality of one nature. It assists one in becoming master of ones own future. These bowls can be used to create a visible energy bubble. One can visualize a beam of pure light coming in from above and by gently rotating the bowl, the bubble appears to grow. These bowls are great for holding energy, for example in helping to bring prosperity or for bringing spiritual energy to an altar. Astrological Sign is Leo. Number Vibration is 6.


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