Earth Angel 2

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Earth Angel 2

Earth Angel

Earth Angel, Print of an original painting, in acrylic, with measures 20 x 16 in., with a choice of two mat colors, golden earth tones or muted dove gray tones. This matted print may also be trimmed for custom framing, if the purchaser wishes. Jerrine Grays description of her picture, This being appeared to me in 1986 while I was in meditation. I sketched her quickly in my journal, knowing that I would paint her one day. After I completed massage school in 1987, she called to me again in January of 1988. When I completed the picture, I hung her in my massage room to give me courage to become the lightworker I had contracted to be. Over the years she has answered to many names, and each person seeing her will find his or her own special name for her. To me, she is the feminine form of Raphael, healer of living beings, healer of the earth, representative of the sun. To quote Dolfyn, This being of pure light grants miracles, joy, healing, love, and grace. Fosters valor and prayer. Encourages science and knowledge. These are energies that humanity desperately needs at this time, so the decision was made to make her image available to the public. I hope that each person will be inspired to draw from within those very qualities to manifest in his or her own world. Peace truly begins in each heart and spreads to the earth like ripples on a pond. The glyph over her head is AMATE, the Latin word for love.


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