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Our Rock Shop, located in Huntsville, Alabama, carries a wide variety of rocks and minerals for the new age and metaphysical.  For over 22 years we have offered a great variety of rocks and mineral specimens.

The Dream Maker is a new age rock and gift shop located in Huntsville, Alabama, created by Ron and Jerrine Gray. For over 22 years we have offered a great variety of rock and mineral specimens and Rons original wire wrap jewelry has evolved into an exquisite art form. Several times a year Ron, Jerrine, and Steve Berry, our store manager, travel to hand select much of our inventory. Many items are one of a kind and are only available once. Please keep this in mind.  If you ever visit Huntsville, Alabama please stop by our brick and mortar store. We have hundreds of additional items not currently available on line. But watch for future additions!  Be advised that some items available on line are also on our shelves, so there is a chance of simultaneous item sale.

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