Alabama Petrified Wood

This special form of petrified wood comes from Brilliant, Alabama. It is also called brilliant wood for the town from which it is found and for the crystalline formations on it which sparkle in the sun. Legend has it that the fairies, upon seeing the destruction of their beautiful forests by man, wept tears upon the fallen trees which turned into the beautiful tiny crystals to remind man of his folly upon nature. This is an ancient wood that has been replaced by another mineral, usually either Agate or Quartz, producing agatized wood or silicified wood respectively. Smokey Quartz is also present in this variety from Brilliant, Alabama.

Metaphysical Beliefs, Petrified Wood helps one remove trifling annoyances, i.e. change what you can and worry not about the rest, strengthens all areas of ones life, provides access to and information regarding past lives, a stone of transformation that assists one to advance to ones highest chosen level, absorbs negative energy, and stabilizes one after a strong influx of energy.

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