Palm Wax Votives

Our unique Palm Wax candles are hand poured with steam distilled Palm Wax that is renewable and environmentally friendly. An all vegetable virgin wax blend that contains no residues of harmful solvents, it is extracted by squeezing the fruit berries of the palm oil tree. From its velvety crystal pattern and smooth texture, to its terrific scent this one of a kind candle is a great way to enjoy the warm glow of candlelight and support the environment. These votives will burn for up to 16 hours when in the right size jar. They turn to liquid on the top as they burn helping to release the fragrance. They burn all the way down to the end leaving only a little wax to clean up. These are non parrafin based candles and leave no black residue and environmentally friendly candles. The candles blended with essential oils with many nice fragrances ranging from Spiced Pear to Vanilla to Rendevous.