Chakra Power Stones Kit

Chakra Power Stones Kit. This kit includes Seven minerals, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Carnelian and Red Jasper. It also has a pouch to carry the stones in. Metaphysical Beliefs, Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. The human body has hundreds of energy centers, however the seven main energy points are known as chakras. In the body each chakra is considered a focal point of life force relating to mind, body, and spirit. Clear Quartz, Crown or 7th Chakra. Amethyst, Brow or 6th Chakra. Sodalite, Throat or 5th Chakra. Rose Quartz, Heart or 4th Chakra. Tiger Eye, Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra. Carnelian, Navel or 2nd Chakra. Red Jasper, Root or 1st Chakra.

Chakra Power Stones Kit
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