Andean Path at the Dream MakerThe Inka Trail once connected the vast reaches of the Inka Empire, stretching thousands of miles through the Andes in South America. Traveling great distances, over harsh terrain, at oxygen-deprived altitudes, the natives connected with the forces of their natural environment for strength and endurance. These were their gifts from Pachamama, the Inka name for Mother Earth. The Andean Path workshops reveal that the same natural forces are available to us today. In a previous workshop, a 63 year old woman, who hadn’t known her hip was broken, was able to complete a three-mile nature hike propelled by the Andean technique called “energy worm” that was formed by her fellow students. Whether you live in a natural environment or an industrialized city, the knowledge of how to connect with the power of Nature and the Earth can be yours.

The gifts of Pachamama await you!


How to maintain the paq’po, your personal bubble of living energy
How to digest and transform hoocha, a dense, heavy energy that can lead to illness
How to receive sami, a highly refined light energy
How to connect with the elemental forces of Water, Earth, Fire and Air
How to work with apus and n’ustas, the spirits of the natural world around you
How to be more comfortable in difficult environments and situations


Inka Cosmology: The Inka existed in the kausay pacha, the “world of living energy”
Inka Mysticism: As an integral part of the kausay pacha, the Inka maintained relationships with a variety of energies in their environment
The Energies of Nature: Mountains, rivers and other natural formations each have a unique energy, or spiritual presence
The Nature of Energy: Everything that exists in the kausay pacha has a spiritual presence (even buildings, streets, and neighborhoods) to which we can relate and communicate and others


Ron and Jerrine Gray Andean Path InstructorsRon and Jerrine received Karpay in the spring of 1998 from Elizabeth Jenkins. On Tres Cruces, Peru, summer of 2000, they also received Karpay from Don Juan Paucar Flores, a pampa mesayqo, and Don Julian Paucar Flores, an alto mesayoq. Throughout the Andes of Peru they also received the Hatun Karpay with Juan Nuez del Prado and Barbara Perrins. They are initiated 4th level Andean Priests, the highest level of the mystical hierarchy. Both Ron and Jerrine have incorporated the Andean energy techniques into their bodywork practices. They are both Licensed Massage Therapists and owners of The Dream Maker gift shop in Huntsville, Alabama.

Steve Berry Andean PathSteven Berry, an ordained Minister in the Alliance of Divine Love and initiated 4th level Andean Priest, has studied with Andean Masters Juan Nunez del Prado, Elizabeth Jenkins, and Puma Quespi. He has a MFA in art from LSU. He has found that many of his experiences have been clarified by the Andean Path. We do not have to be mired in the heaviness and muck of life. We all have the potential to bring in a higher light and awareness. Steve is the Manager of the Dream Maker.

The Andean Path workshops combine indoor presentations and discussions with outdoor activities and energy exercises. Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes, and to bring a water bottle and a towel or blanket for sitting on the ground. In the event of rain, alternatives to outdoor plans are available. The workshop schedule includes a lunch break Sunday. Everyone taking the workshops is invited to fellowship with past participants at a potluck dinner Sunday evening. Celebrate your accomplishments in the Inka tradition of sharing a feast with friends.

Check our Calendar of Events for upcoming workshops on the Andean Path!




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